[Can pregnant women eat fresh dates]_Pregnancy_Effects

[Can pregnant women eat fresh dates]_Pregnancy_Effects

Jujubes can also be divided into fresh jujubes and sun-dried jujubes, and the jujubes that everyone uses in daily life are sun-dried jujubes.

Because red dates have a good effect of nourishing qi and blood, female friends should eat more red dates.

In winter, fresh jujubes will be available in large quantities.

This kind of date is called green jujube. Pregnant women pay more attention to their diet. Can pregnant women eat fresh dates?

Jujube nutrition analysis1. Jujube can improve human immunity and reduce inhibitory peptides: pharmacological studies have found that red dates can promote the production of white blood cells, reduce serum insulin, increase serum albumin, protect the liver, and red dates also contain inhibitors of toxins, which may evenSubstances that cause transformation to normal cells in the body; 2. People who regularly eat fresh dates rarely suffer from gallstones. This is because the vitamin C rich in fresh dates converts excess cholesterol in the body into bile acids, which reduces cholesterol.The probability of calculus formation also decreases; 3, alkaline calcium and iron in jujube, they have an important role in anemia caused by osteoporosis, osteoporosis often occurs in menopause in middle and old age, and retinas and women at the peak of growth and development are prone toAnemia, jujube will have a very ideal therapeutic effect on them, and its effect is usually incomparable with drugs; 4. It also has a good nourishing effect on people who are physically weak after illness; 5. Rutin contained in jujube is a kind ofSubstances that soften blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure, have a preventive effect on hypertension; 6, jujube can also be anti-allergic, in addition to fishy odor, peace of mind安God, puzzle brain, increase appetite.

Can pregnant women eat fresh dates? Pregnant women can eat fresh dates, because they can replenish blood, but do n’t eat too much at a time. People with weak stomachs will have a bad stomach.

After the birth of the child, there is a date in the porridge, which is used for blood, otherwise the child is prone to iron deficiency and anemia.

However, jujube skin is rich in crude fiber, which is not easy to digest. Excessive consumption will damage digestive function, cause bloating, constipation and other symptoms, and it will easily lead to weight gain. Therefore, pregnant women who are afraid of obesity should not eat it often. It is recommended to eat it every other day.

If pregnant women who already have bloating do not eat it, you can drink red date soup instead; expectant mothers who are hot and hot, and have yellow tongue coating should not eat more, because red dates are sweet, and it is easy to produce sputum and wetness, and water accumulates in the body.The situation of edema is even more serious.

1, what to eat during pregnancy, strawberries-cultivate patience to supplement vitamins.

2, bananas-happy mood.

3, grapes-enhance immunity and anti-aging.

4. Pear—helps detoxify organs.

5, dragon fruit-relieve heavy metal poisoning.

6, grapefruit-maintain blood vessels.

7, Apple-cancer prevention.

8, watermelon-diuretic detox.

9, litchi-blood and beauty.

10, kiwi-lower cholesterol.

11, longan-appetizer and spleen.