[Do you know how to make icing cookies?

】 _How to do_How to do

[Do you know how to make icing cookies?
】 _How to do_How to do

Icing biscuits are a kind of snacks that people love in daily life, even delicious and have certain nutritional value.

It is a very good choice whether to use family snacks or entertain friends.

However, the method of frosting biscuits is very particular. There are strict production processes and high-quality raw material requirements. Whether it is paste, eggs, flour, milk, or oven temperature and time, it must be made according to the given method.In this way, you can make the most authentic frosting cookies. Friends who want to learn can try it out and turn your heart into action.

First, the practice of icing cookies is to make cookies first.

After the butter is cut into small pieces and softened, add fine sugar and beat with an egg beater until the pile is fluffy and the color becomes light.

Add milk and continue to beat until it becomes fluffy and delicate.

Sift the low-gluten flour into the fat.

Use a spatula while pressing and mixing to fully mix the flour and flour.

At the beginning, when the powder and fat are not fully mixed, it will be relatively dry. Keep pressing and mixing until it becomes a dough (sometimes, the state will be a bit drier. At this time, you can directly knead flour and flour into dough).

After mixing thoroughly into the dough, do not continue stirring.

Excessive stirring may cause the cookies to taste harder.

Place the dough in the middle of two sheets of oil paper, flatten it, and roll it out with a rolling pin to a thickness of about 0.

5cm dough sheet.

After rolling out, peel off the surface oily paper.

Use a biscuit mold to sculpt the desired shape.

After the engraving, remove the excess dough, use a spatula to scoop the cookie dough, and carefully move it to the baking sheet lined with greased paper. Be careful to avoid deformation.

Excess dough can be kneaded together and then rolled out and engraved again (kneading the dough repeatedly to put in the baked cookies is too hard, so try to reduce the number of times to knead the dough as much as possible).

Place the baking tray in a preheated oven at 165 ° C, the penultimate layer, and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Please adjust the baking time according to the actual situation of the oven and the size of the cookies. Bake until the surface of the cookies is slightly yellow. Press it to feel hard and you can get out of the oven.

After the cookies are baked and cooled, they can be decorated with icing.

Then make the frosting.

Whisk egg whites with chopsticks, beat and mix with powdered sugar.

Using a spatula, keep turning and mixing, so that the powdered sugar and egg white are completely blended and become thick frosting.

Add a little bit of lemon juice and mix well.

As you add, observe the consistency of the frosting.

When the frosting is lifted, the dripping frosting will become flat within a few seconds and the consistency will be almost the same.

Then came polyamide.

Add edible pigments of different colors to the frosting and stir well to become frosting of different colors.

Choose the color of the pigment according to your own needs. If it is Christmas frosting cookies, the Christmas colors of red and green are definitely essential.

Then put the frosting on the decorating bag, cut a small hole in front of the decorating bag, and you can start decorating the biscuits (because the ingredients for making frosting in the family at one time are not too many, you can choose to save yourself by first using white frostingThe implanted decorating bag, then pick the pigment directly in the decorating bag and mix with the frosting, and rub it in through the decorating bag, and the frosting can be mixed with the pigment evenly).

When decorating with icing, we can see that the icing on the biscuit is divided into two parts, one is the background color painted on the whole surface of the bottom, and the other is the line-shaped pattern on the surface.

We need to apply the entire surface of the frosting to the cookies, wait for them to dry, and then continue to extrude the pattern.

The entire surface can be dipped in frosting on the cookies with a hair brush, but this way the opponents have higher legal requirements. You can also use the following method: first squeeze the frosting lines around the cookies as a contour.

Then in the frosting contour, draw the frosting evenly over the entire surface by drawing lines.

Because of the fluidity of the frosting, it will become very flat within a few seconds (It is time to check the consistency of the frosting. If the frosting is too thick, it will not be easy to flatten, and the surface will always have lines and dry.There will not be a bright gloss after penetration.

And if the sugar frosting is too thin, it will be easy to stay along the edge if it is squeezed a little more, affecting the overall shape).After the background frosting has dried, you can continue decorating it.

The shape of the snowflakes in the picture is drawn with white frosting.

The decorative pattern can be painted according to your own creativity, just practice a few more times.

Continue decorating other frosting cookies.

When there are more than two background colors on a biscuit, one color must be painted first, and the other color should be painted after drying, otherwise the two colors will easily dissolve together.

For example, the shape of the snowman, the hat and the body are two colors. You can draw the hat with black frosting first, and then dry the body with white frosting.

Second, tip 1, this cookie, I use a large mold, a total of 10 cookies.

If you use a small mold, 15-20 biscuits are no problem.

When baking, the biscuits must be baked thoroughly to make them taste good.

Especially for large biscuits, don’t use too high temperature. Bake slowly and slowly. After the surface turns yellow, if the biscuits are still soft after baking, you can lower the temperature and continue baking for a while to make it fully bakedthrough.

2. The egg whites used in frosting are essential ingredients for frosting.

Many people worry about whether raw egg whites can be eaten directly.

In fact, frosting contains extremely high sugar content, and the high-sugar environment itself has a strong antibacterial effect.

Don’t worry too much about choosing fresh, good quality eggs.

3, frosting can only continue to decorate after it is completely dry. In the dry climate in the north, it will dry quickly and quickly, and it will be almost a few minutes.

If you want to speed up the drying process, you can place the cookies in the oven and dry them at a low temperature of 60-80 ° C. They will soon dry out.

4. To draw beautiful lines, the consistency of frosting is the key.

You can try more, I believe that soon you can grasp what kind of consistency is the best operation.

Use lemon juice to adjust the concentration. If there is no lemon juice, white vinegar will do.

Add a little bit and stop when you reach the right consistency.

Very little lemon juice can greatly change the consistency of frosting. Be careful when adding it.

5. For making frosting, in the selection of powdered sugar, commercially available powdered sugar can be used, but commercially available powdered sugar contains a small amount of corn starch, and the substituted frosting is not as good as using pure powdered sugar.

I like to use the cooking machine or the wall breaker to directly use the granulated sugar into powdered sugar.

The result is pure powdered sugar, which is brighter in color and wider in width.

You can choose Kazakhstan according to your own situation.