Abdominal breathing

Abdominal breathing

Breathing is the process of gas exchange between the body and the external environment.

The human breathing process consists of three interrelated exchanges: external breathing, including lung ventilation and lung ventilation; transport of gas in the blood; internal breathing, which refers to the exchange of gas between tissue cells and blood.

How can I adjust my physical condition and make myself healthier?

Tiantian Health Center has launched a series of articles on winter life health and health knowledge guides to provide you with comprehensive information on winter health care, so that this winter is no longer cold!

  Abdominal breathing, which is correct when inflating the stomach when the stomach is exhaling, is even beneficial to human health and can cure the disease.

  Eliminating fatigue fatigue is usually caused by insufficient toxicity and lack of oxygen, and a deep inspiratory exercise is needed to supplement oxygen.

Cross your hands in a horizontal position in front of your lower abdomen, palm up, then inhale, and slowly raise your hands up to the lower jaw.

The palms are tilted downwards, the crossed hands are slowly lowered again, and the lips are exhaled, and the “f” sound is heard 10 times.

  Relieve stomach pains Stomach pain is often associated with people’s emotions and diet.

Sit on your back, bend your knees, and use your arms to tighten your body in the correct direction.

Exhale, while carbon dioxide and legs, do 10 times.

  The treatment of constipation constipation is often caused by high physical and mental stress, nervousness or improper diet.

Sit on your back, bend your knees, lift your buttocks and abdomen for 5 seconds while inhaling, exhale while slowly laying down, do 10 times.

  Treatment of headaches Oxygen deficiency often causes headaches.

Lift your shoulders while inhaling, then exhale slowly, with your shoulders drooping.

Or use the double lip closure method, the lips are gently closed when exhaling, and the air is blown through the twist of the lips, doing 10 times.

These signals appear in your body, indicating that you are heavy!

These signals appear in your body, indicating that you are heavy!

If the winter is so dry, the body will definitely not have moisture. Then you are very wrong. The cold ones love to drink some wine and moisture. It comes to the cold. Some people don’t like to move the moisture.It’s a lot of time when our bad habits provoke moisture to test the symptoms of the gas in the end.

Thick tongue, if you look in the mirror and find that your tongue is very thick or find your tongue is fat, and the edge of the tongue is accompanied by very obvious scallops, it proves that your body is too heavy.It should be timely adjusted.

  If it is accompanied by a dull complexion and yellowing, the eyelids are swollen in the morning when getting up, or the bags under the eyes are obvious. These signals indicate that the body is heavier.

Signal two.

The stool is not shaped. The normal stool is a moderately soft strip. If the stool is as soft and rotten as a cooked banana, it is sticky, not formed, and it is not easy to be washed away on the toilet. This also means that your body is wet.Abnormal digestion and absorption function.

Signal three.

Poor appetite, if it is time to eat, there is no serious feeling, eating a little something will feel the swelling in the stomach, there is a faint nausea in the process of eating.

This phenomenon is also one of the manifestations of weak spleen and stomach function and excessive moisture in the body. This phenomenon is more likely to occur in summer.

Signal four.

If you wake up in the morning and suddenly feel that your calf is very sore and feels heavy, some people will find that the recent weight gain has increased a lot, which proves that you have puffiness.It is also caused by heavy moisture in the body.

Signal five.

People with poor mental state and heavy moisture often have a feeling of chest tightness. They want to breathe a long breath to be comfortable, their bodies are particularly tired, they are too lazy to move, they feel dizzy, they are sleepy and their memory is diminished.

  In fact, this is not difficult to explain. The ancients said that “the temper is a deficiency, the lungs are first and foremost”, indicating that the temper is a certain degree, and the lungs are dying, it is prone to poor mental state.

The method of teaching you to exclude the body’s moisture is the nemesis of modern people’s health, the source of complication and chronic diseases and the accomplice.

How to deal with wet evil and remove dampness?

1 meter red bean porridge (1) glutinous rice red bean porridge: in Chinese medicine, obesity is good, edema is also good, it means that the body is wet, the water can not flow with the blood, stay in the body cells, so that the human bodyQuickly swell up.

The edema is so, the obesity is also serious, but the degree is shallow.

Dehumidified drugs or foods can eliminate these waters that remain in the body and can also reduce swelling.

Therefore, the treatment of edema must use red bean, and practice has proved that glutinous rice red bean porridge has a good weight loss effect, can not only lose weight, but also does not hurt the body.

Especially for middle-aged and obese people, the effect is particularly good.

(2) glutinous rice red bean porridge + longan, jujube: suitable for people with cold body constitution, have a warming effect; at the same time, it is also suitable for people who think about hurting the mind on weekdays, who are overworked and have less exercise, often have no blood, and the spirit is not enough.Even palpitations, snooze, people who feel heavy heads like parcels and empty hearts.

(3) glutinous rice red bean porridge + lotus seeds, lily: suitable for insomnia, the body also has a noticeable wet feeling.

(4) Red bean porridge + ginger, jujube, brown sugar: suitable for female friends with dysmenorrhea, remove glutinous rice, simmered red bean soup, warm belly, relieve pain.

(5) glutinous rice red bean porridge + raw white peony, raw licorice: suitable for joint pain friends, yin and nourishing blood.

(6) glutinous rice red bean soup wash face: suitable for young people who are prone to irritability, insomnia, or rash, or acne, this is caused by the heartburn, hot and humid, and the use of glutinous rice red bean soup to wash the face has a miraculous effect,Or add the lily and lotus seeds to the glutinous rice red bean soup.

(7) glutinous rice red bean porridge + ginger: suitable for cold cold, or cold in the body, cold pain in the stomach, poor appetite.

Note that ginger can not be put more, put more to make the porridge become spicy.

(8) glutinous rice red bean porridge + broken soy beans, with the soup out of the feet: beriberi disease, is a typical hot and humid bet, the effect is not bad.

(9) glutinous rice red bean porridge + raw pear peeled to the nuclear cut: suitable for coughing people, lungs, phlegm, cough.

  Learn to add and subtract glutinous rice red bean soup, use it properly, can lead to a good therapeutic effect on most common diseases in life.

Taboo: Do not add rice to cook together, it is easy to offset the dehumidification effect.

(Click on the picture to enter the mall) The more lazy you have to exercise, the more heavy people in the body are the greasy, lack of exercise.

These people often feel heavy, and their limbs are weak and unwilling to move, but the more they do not love sports, the more moisture they deposit in the body. Over time, it will inevitably lead to moisture attacking the spleen and causing a series of deformations.

  Exercise can relieve stress, promote the functioning of body organs, and accelerate the excretion of moisture.

Running, walking, swimming, yoga, Tai Chi and other sports can help activate blood circulation and increase water metabolism.

Wonderful use of onions, ginger, garlic, ginger, garlic is just a common seasoning in the home, but also has irreplaceable medicinal value.

For example, we can try to cook a bowl of hot ginger soup at home, use the wonderful effect of ginger soup to force out the body’s moisture, and after the body has sweated, it will improve. This method is also applicable toPrevent colds after the rain.

What is the difficulty of prospering the elderly?

What is the difficulty of prospering the elderly?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate root, the root of human development and development, the driving force of the function of the viscera, which dominates the growth of a person’s life, development: the period, the kidney is full, the person grows up, mature; after middle ageThe kidney is depleted and the body gradually becomes aging.

From this point of view, kidney deficiency in the elderly is a physiological process of recovery.

  First, the maintenance of life in the old kidney deficiency, the body will appear aging weakness, and the kidney itself, especially should pay attention to maintenance, to prevent the occurrence of hypertension.

  1, can not be underestimated anti-cold flu is a systemic disease, can reduce immune function, often secondary infection.

According to reports, nearly 40% of chronic renal failure is aggravated by a cold, and chronic nephritis is the first primary disease of chronic renal failure. Therefore, prevention of colds should be taken seriously in daily life.

  2, strengthen the exercise of kidney disease patients because of the cold weather, more reluctant to exercise, like to stay in a warm home throughout the winter, and even rest in bed.

The doctor reminds: This is an extremely wrong and dangerous practice, which will slow down the blood flow of the kidneys, aggravate the stasis and the hardening and shrinking of the kidneys.

The exercise method for patients with kidney disease is mainly walking. When the weather is fine, you should take part in outdoor sports. If you are not suitable for outdoor activities, you should walk indoors and do not stay in bed.

  3, anti-disease treatment suspected of suffering from kidney disease should be done as follows: blood routine, urine routine, kidney B ultrasound, renal function test, combined with clinical symptoms can be initially diagnosed.

  Second, diet adjustment diet is very important.

Here are just a few treatments: ★ Northern Cordyceps stewed black-bone chicken: Take 50 grams of northern yellow peony, 15 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, and 1 black pheasant.

Remove the black-bone chicken from the hair and internal organs, scrape it clean and cut into pieces, add it to the pot with the northern yellow sorghum and the winter wormwood, add the water and cook until the chicken is cooked. Add the seasoning to drink the soup and eat the meat.

This side of the kidney fitness is quite effective.

  ★ Fur seal kidney porridge: Take 15 grams of sea dog kidney, 75 grams of previous rice.

The dog’s kidney was soaked in warm water for 24 hours, taken out and cut open, the urethral fascia was removed, cut into pieces, and the previous rice was used up.

Then take a porridge pot, add the sea dog kidney, the right amount of water and seasoning, cook the sea dog kidney until most cooked, put rice porridge, porridge cooked and eaten.

One dose a day.

The effect of the prescription for warming kidney yang is good.

  ★ Two-scented stewed dog meat: 10 grams of Xianmao, 10 grams of Xianling spleen, 250 grams of dog meat, 6 grams of cinnamon, 9 grams of fennel, 15 grams of ginger.

Wash the four herbs of Xianmao, Xianling spleen, cinnamon and cumin, and put them into the gauze bag.

Wash the dog meat, cut into pieces, put it into a casserole, put in a medicine bag, ginger, salt, add water and stew until the dog meat is cooked, remove the medicine bag, and drink the soup meat.

This side is especially effective for the cold and dampness caused by kidney yang deficiency.

  Third, the essence of traditional Chinese medicine for regulating kidney can be divided into kidney yin and kidney yang. The kidney yin and kidney yang are interdependent and interrelated, maintaining the dynamic balance of the human body.

Such as kidney yin can not be yang, there are complications of yin deficiency and impotence, that is, kidney yin deficiency, manifested as waist and knees, five upset hot, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, night sweats, men’s spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, women’s classicsClosed, constipation, red tongue and less mossy veins.

Kidney yang partial dysfunction is kidney yang deficiency, manifested as pale or dark, waist and knees cold, lack of energy, men with impotence and premature ejaculation, women’s palace cold infertility, enuresis edema, five more diarrhea.

TCM kidney is very knowledgeable, to find out whether kidney yin or kidney yin is the key.

Bu Yang medicine is mostly a heat medicine, such as aconite, cinnamon, velvet, epimedium, Cistanche, Basil, etc.; more yin medicine is sweet medicine, such as stone 斛, Yuzhu, hawthorn, scorpion, scorpion, mulberry parasitic, American ginseng and so on.

The representative of the Chinese medicine for yin is Liuwei Dihuang Pill, and the representative of Fuyang Zhongcheng Medicine is Jinyao Shenqi Pill, which is not available.

Be alert to diseases after the fall

Be alert to diseases after the fall

After the beginning of autumn, the weather is gradually cool. Every year, there is a saying that “the autumn wind is on the autumn day”, that is, the beginning of the autumn season is the beginning of the cool season. From this day, the temperature gradually decreases from the hottest, and the general trend is that the weather is gradually cool.

Seasonal alternation is likely to cause the growth of germs, and children with poor health systems such as the elderly are more likely to have a fever and the like.

So, are we going to be wary of certain diseases after the fall?

Here we will introduce: Children – cold fever in the fall is a high incidence of infectious diseases, children often have fever symptoms, sometimes pale, mood swings, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and other abnormal performance.

  Because there are some differences in the baby’s individual, the performance of fever will be very different. Careful contact with the limbs and forehead will often mistake the child for a fever. It is best to touch the chest and abdomen.

Sometimes children may have a high fever due to a cold, but they feel cold when they touch their hands and feet. After the body temperature gradually drops, the skin of the hands and feet slowly heats up.

This is a kind of fake cold and hot phenomenon, especially for infants under 3 years old.

  The reason for the fake cold is mainly because children, especially the blood of the limbs of infants and young children, are directed at the internal organs. Due to insufficient blood supply, the limbs themselves are more likely to be colder than adults.

Too many parents don’t understand this situation. When they find that the children’s limbs are cold, they mistakenly think that the child is cold and cold, and immediately wrapped the child tightly with a thick cotton quilt. As a result, the child’s body heat is not released in time, body temperature.The more you rise, the more hot convulsions or “heatstroke”.

If the child has symptoms of cold and fever, he should take medicine such as Chaihu dropping pills in time.

Chaihu Dropping Pill can quickly reduce fever. Because it is a pill-type, the drug can be directly absorbed through the oral mucosa, without first elimination, can quickly work, and is convenient to absorb and carry.

  In addition, for the early autumn night, I am used to not covering the quilt, too diarrhea caused by greed, head weight, etc., experts reminded that in the early autumn, we must pay attention not to greedy, do not blow air conditioning, in the shade, waterIn the pavilion, the cool time on the balcony should not be too long. Do not blow the fan when you sleep.

Experts also suggest that you should drink more ginger brown sugar water, do not quickly drink a lot of cold water or iced drinks, so as not to add to the snow.

  Middle-aged people – too many people with osteoarthritis often feel joint pain recently.

Why is there nothing to blow air conditioning in the summer, and when the summer is over, can this electric fan blow the bones?

This is because the body sweats more in the summer, the muscle pores are loose, the air conditioning time is too long, the cold is concentrated on the legs, and when the fall arrives, the pain is not felt, the joint swelling and painful symptoms will appear, and even the severe ones will feel even walking.Not comfortable.

  Young people – multiple pharyngitis is in the autumn, and the main force of young people suffering from pharyngitis is mostly redness caused by cold.

Pharyngitis, multiple laryngitis are related to weather changes.

The autumn air becomes dry and the temperature gradually decreases.

If there is obvious throat discomfort, you should pay more attention to warm water, eat more yin and throat products, such as lily, white fungus, black fungus, pear, etc., usually use the voice of the person to protect the scorpion, try to reducespeak.

In addition, it is easy to get angry in the fall, and people who are easy to get angry are advised to eat less spicy foods, so as not to stimulate the lice to affect health.

  If there is a sore throat, you can take some Chinese medicines for clearing away heat and detoxification in time.

The main ingredient of the Andrographis paniculata preparation is the Andrographis paniculata extract, which contains andrographolidine, B, A and B, wherein the content of andrographine is less than 1.


The andrographolide dropping pills produced by Tianjin Tianshili Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. use modern high-tech means to extract the most effective andrographolide (andrographolide) in the Chinese medicine Andrographis paniculata. The purity is as high as 98% or more in the early stage of the cold.Take, can quickly relieve the symptoms of sore throat.

  The above is a detailed introduction to the prevention of diseases after the fall, and the warm reminder, in order to adapt to the “spring and summer Yang, autumn and winter Yin” principle of health, autumn sex should be reduced.

Chatting for 10 minutes every day enhances memory

Chatting for 10 minutes every day enhances memory

According to the Daily Health News, a new study found that chatting helps improve brain function and make people smart.

  A research team in the United States found that simply chatting with others for 10 minutes a day can improve memory, and some of the experimental people will be significantly improved in the intelligence test.

  The study, led by psychologist Oscar-Yabala of the University of Michigan’s School of Sociology, said in a written statement that “social activities and traditional practices of improving memory and intelligence are equally effective.”

Oscar promoted his research team to analyze the data of 3,610 people, who ranged in age from 24 to 96.

The research team found that a person’s level of social interaction is higher and his cognitive ability is better.

The researchers explained that social interactions include gatherings and talking to relatives, friends and neighbors.

To verify whether chat helps improve brain function, the researchers conducted another experiment.

The researchers conducted experiments in 76 labs within the lab to analyze how social interactions and intellectual exercises affect the results of memory and mental performance tests.

  Abraham said, “We found that a short 10-minute social interaction increased the participants’ intellectual performance, which was no less effective than the so-called “intellectual” activities of the same time period.

“These research shows that friendly conversations with others every day are just like daily anagrams, which helps to improve people’s mentality.

Massage benefits and taboos

Massage benefits and taboos


Dialectical supplements, massage rehabilitation methods are many, the purpose is nothing more than the adjustment of yin and yang, to reconcile the blood and adjust the function of the organs.

When using massage to replenish benefits, it is necessary to dialectify and supplement, to distinguish between yin deficiency or yang deficiency, and qi is still blood deficiency, to distinguish the disease in the viscera.

Kidney deficiency is the method of tonifying the kidney and strengthening the spleen and the stomach.

  In addition, different seasons should also be focused.

Spring massage benefits.

It is necessary to use the method of soothing the liver and gallbladder, nourishing the liver and softening the liver; while the autumn massage benefits, it is necessary to use the method of replenishing the lungs, nourishing the yin and moistening the dryness.

In the case of dialectical supplementation, all aspects of factors should be considered together and selectively carried out.


Focus on concentration, and the breathing is concentrated. Mixing the breath is a massage for the benefit of the practitioner and the use of the massage method to implement self-reinforcing must pay attention to.

In the self-massage replenishment, only in the focus of attention, even breathing, you can carefully understand the body’s reaction and changes after the implementation of self-massage, so as to adjust the massage techniques, strength, frequency, etc. in time to receive the expected results.

When giving a massage to others to replenish, the surgeon should pay more attention to carefully observe and understand the feelings of the person being massaged and the reaction of the body to adjust and change his own technique.

Don’t chat and laugh while you massage.

Also do not press to stop, or interrupt treatment at will.

To do other things, and to concentrate energy, complete all the scheduled procedures in succession to ensure the effect of massage benefits.


Step by step, perseverance in health care, whether it is sports health, diet and health have a constant problem.

Massage supplements are also effective, but also need to be gradual, persevere if three days fishing, two days drying net, or one exposure ten cold, it is impossible to receive good results.

For example, if you have never had a massage, it is still very tiring to get a serious one or two hundred times at the beginning.

Therefore, the force at the beginning can be smaller, the number of frictions is less, and gradually increases later.

In addition, after massage and massage, the effect of replenishing may not be obvious, or the effect is obvious at first, and it is not very obvious in the future, so some people lose confidence, which is not desirable.

In fact, massage benefits and other dietary benefits such as dietary supplements, some can be immediate, while others take a long time.

Massage tonic fitness, it is more necessary to persist in the long-term, persevere, and some even have to adhere to life, in order to achieve the purpose of health and longevity.


Appropriate time, morning and evening, especially good massage, with correct and effective characteristics, if you can choose the right time, you will receive better results.

Massage and tonic, whether it is self-massage, or mutual massage between family members, should generally be arranged in the morning and evening, the effect is particularly good.

First, it is generally necessary to work during the day, and the time is tight. In the morning and evening, especially at night, it is relatively plentiful, which is conducive to concentrating energy and calming down to implement massage.

Second, because the health caregiists of the past thought that the morning is the time when the yang is born, the self-massage at this time can lead to yang and encourage the spirit.

Evening massage is good for eliminating fatigue, promoting sleep and improving the quality of sleep.


Depending on the person, it is necessary to follow the general principle of lightness and gentleness in the implementation of massage and replenishment, and determine the technique, intensity and duration of the massage according to the condition of the body or the body of the person being massaged.

For those who are frail and elderly, and have poor physical condition, the technique should be light when massaged. At the same time, the method of increasing the number of massages and prolonging the massage time can be used to achieve the desired effect.

For tall, obese people, the tactics should be heavy, and the method of appropriate aggravation should be used to prevent the effect from being too small.


When using the medium to prevent damage to the massage, the average person will not cause local skin damage due to the lighter manipulation.

However, for people with dry skin, elderly and delicate infants, use sesame oil, massage cream and other media to prevent damage to local skin.


Avoid the wind and keep warm Whether it is self-massage or mutual massage between family members, we must pay attention to the choice of warm and wind-free comfort environment.
  If you massage in the winter, you should pay attention to the hot hands before the operation; summer massage, can not be the fan, the air conditioning is straight to the person being massaged.
  [Tame of massage]Massage supplements are suitable for the population, but for certain patients and parts, massage is not possible.


Massage the skin lesions caused by skin lesions and water and fire burns.


Anyone who has a blood disorder and is at risk of bleeding must massage to prevent bleeding.


Patients with severe illness and severe heart, lung, encephalopathy, stomach, intestinal perforation, cancer patients, seniors, and extremely weak constitution can not be massaged to prevent danger.


Those who are unable to cooperate with mentally ill patients in extreme fatigue or drunkenness cannot massage.


Infectious diseases, such as osteomyelitis, bone and joint tuberculosis, severe osteoporosis and acute, infectious diseases of patients with chronic infectious diseases, can not be massaged to prevent the spread of infection, damage bone or infectious diseases.

The danger of dredging is not just contagious!

What should I do?

The danger of dredging is not just contagious!

What should I do?

There are many people who think that cockroaches are only a skin disease that occurs on the soles of the feet. Nothing is too big.

However, some people are worried that they will endanger their health.

So what harm does vanadium have?

Can it cause cancer?

Hazards caused by cockroaches 1. Infectivity: 跖疣 is a contagious skin ailment caused by human papillomavirus, which can be infected to the surrounding area through small skin damage.

2, threaten the health of family members: worms can be transmitted through indirect contact, human papillomavirus has 3-5 days of survival from the human body, if the clothes on the patient’s clothing mixed with family clothes may be transmitted to the family.

3, the emergence of complications: the human papillomavirus that causes sputum creeping virus is a kind of DNA virus, which has a certain relationship with human immunity, if the infectious disease affects the immune system too much.

Can cause diseases of the immune system.

4, carcinogenicity: The latest medical research found that the cancer rate of cervical cancer in women is more than 70% related to the human papillomavirus causing sputum.

5, hereditary: Studies have shown that patients with positive family history can inherit prions to recombination.

What should I do?

How should we prevent cockroaches and keep it out of our health first line of defense?

Experts explain in detail to us, to prevent convulsions, we need to do: 1, try not to directly touch the affected part of the patient.

2, toiletries: such as towels, soap, bath towels, bath towels, etc. must be used separately.

3, eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamins to enhance their immunity.

If possible, add some antioxidants to boost immunity.

4, spicy things, hair, drink as little as possible to eat.

Through the above information, we understand

This kind of exercise does not lose weight and long meat

This kind of exercise does not lose weight and long meat

I know that exercise can lose weight, can it really be like this?

Friends should pay attention, in fact, some sports are more laborious and longer.

  Excessive exercise does not lose weight. Anti-meat sports can improve the body’s basal metabolic rate and consume calories, thus helping to lose weight.

The researchers used 72 women as testers to run for 30 minutes and to measure the concentration of the obese gene in the blood, the body’s slimming protein, before and after exercise.

  Intensive exercise did not consume abnormal results and found that 86% of slimming proteins increased significantly.

The results showed that the exercise with high intensity basically did not consume a small amount, especially in the anaerobic exercise, the metabolite produced during the anaerobic glycolysis of muscle glycogen was lactic acid, and the lactic acid was mostly decomposed in the liver under aerobic conditions.Carbon dioxide and water.

  Intensive exercise sometimes increases fat and re-synthesizes liver glycogen, but a small amount of lactic acid also metabolizes fat.

  This is why a strong exercise not only does not play a role in weight loss, but sometimes it increases the cause of accidental accumulation in the body.

Waxy corn easily absorbs old corn with less sugar

Waxy corn easily absorbs old corn with less sugar

Boiled corn, roasted corn, etc. are loved by people.

Now there are a variety of corn varieties on the market: glutinous corn, sweet corn, old corn. In the end, what is the difference in nutrition between these varieties of corn? How to choose?

Was the corn more nutritious?

How to eat the best?

  Zhu Zhiwei, director of the Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center for Rice and Products of the Ministry of Agriculture, told reporters that there is no particularly large gap between these corns, and there are only some differences in nutrients.

For example, in comparison with ordinary corn, waxy corn has a higher protein content of more than 10% and has multiple vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B1.

The starch molecular weight of waxy corn is several times smaller than that of ordinary corn, and it is more easily absorbed and digested by the human body. According to statistics, the digestibility of waxy corn is 20% higher than that of ordinary corn.

Therefore, people with poor digestion can eat more corn.

  However, corn nutrition is good, not suitable for everyone, such as diabetes.

For diabetics, corn is one of the ideal foods.

Because corn contains low crude fiber and soluble sugar, such as sugar in old corn is lower than ordinary rice.

3%, while the crude fiber content is 9 times that of rice.

Therefore, people with diabetes can eat some old corn properly.

“But it is best not to eat corn and sweet corn.

Sun Mengli, director of the Second Department of Nutrition, Peking University First Hospital, reminded.

  Sweet corn has a high vitamin content and a sugar content of 8%, which enhances the sweet sugar content of sweet corn, and most of them are sucrose and glucose, which can easily cause blood sugar to rise.

  “Yellow corn is not suitable for diabetics because of the high amylopectin content.

Sun Mengli introduced that the more amylopectin content is, the easier it is to convert to glucose.

Once eaten by the patient, the rate of increase in blood sugar will increase.

  In addition to diabetics, these corns can be eaten more often, especially in patients recovering from the disease.

Because corn can improve human immunity and help patients recover their strength after illness.

Fu Jinru, chairman of the Tianjin Nutrition Association, provided two therapeutic methods: First, the corn was crushed and porridge, which was able to appetite and have a health-care effect on patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease.

The second is to take 3 two corn stalks to make water, which can be used to place urinary calculi.

Pay attention to the health of mental health and never give up

Pay attention to the health of mental health and never give up

Experts predict that psychological health will be the health theme of the 21st century.

The so-called psychological health, is to maintain a good state of mind, in order to ensure the normal function of the body, to achieve disease prevention and fitness, longevity.

  Kindness is the nutrient of mental health. If you are kind and happy, you will be happy with the happiness of others. If you are willing to help the poor, you will always feel relieved. If you are kind, you will be kind and happy, and you will always have pleasure in your heart.The sense of the road; when the heart is kind, it will be bright and open, happy to open up to people, and often feel relaxed in the heart.

In short, people who are kind-hearted will always maintain a calm state of mind. This state of mind can adjust the blood flow and the excitability of nerve cells to the best state, thus improving the body’s disease resistance.

Therefore, kindness is an irreplaceable high-level nutrient for mental health.

  Tolerance is the regulation of mental health. In social interaction, people suffer losses, are misunderstood, and things that are accused are always happening.

Faced with these, the most sensible choice is to learn tolerance.

Tolerance is a good psychological quality.

  It contains both understanding and forgiveness, but also shows strength and strength, strength and strength.

A person who is not tolerant and only asks for others is often in a state of tension, which leads to nervous excitement, vasoconstriction, and elevated blood pressure, which causes psychology and physiology to enter a vicious circle.

Learning to be tolerant will be strict with self-discipline and be patient with others, which is equivalent to putting a regulating valve on your own psychology.

  Optimism is the old-fashioned mental health, and optimism is a positive personality and state of mind.

It can stimulate people’s vitality and potential, resolve contradictions, and overcome difficulties; and pessimism is a passive and decadent character and state of mind, which makes people sad, troubled, painful, unable to do anything in the face of difficulties, affecting physical health.

  Indifferent is the immunization of psychological health, that is, faint and vain, not seeking fame and fortune.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Zhidong’s health association said: “Nothing is a peace of mind”; contemporary famous writer Bing Xin also believes that “people are not seeking self-improvement”.

This shows that indifferent is a lofty state and mentality, and it is a deep positioning on the pursuit of life.

With an indifferent mentality, we will not follow the tides in the secular, chasing fame and fortune; we will not be overjoyed by the things outside our bodies, and will be greatly saddened; we will not complain to the rest of the world and compare insults.

The indifferent mentality keeps people in a state of peace, maintaining a normal heart, and all factors that are detrimental to human health will be repelled.