[Can a microwave oven make steak]_How to make_How to make

[Can a microwave oven make steak]_How to make_How to make

It is a western food that many people like to eat, and more and more western foods have also come into our sight. We know that steaks are often fried, and some are grilled out of the oven, but the production process is a bit cumbersome, then the microwaveCan I make steak?

Microwave ovens can also make steaks, and the method of making microwave ovens is relatively simple. Of course, they must be marinated first to make more delicious steaks.

Can a steak be grilled in a microwave oven? A nutritionist introduces that steak can be grilled in an oven. The relatively simple method of grilling steak is grilling, but the method of grilling steak is also particular about it. It takes a lot of energy to cook deliciously.

Method 1 for grilling steaks in a microwave oven.

First soak the steak in the seasoning for about 1 hour to soak the seasoning; 2.

Wash the vegetables and control the water.

Cut the garlic into thin slices.

Cut the shallots into 7 cm thick, 3 mm thick, soak in cold water, control water, and serve in a bowl; 3.

Take another portion of the steak (manually stir the seasoning for easier dipping); 4.

First use the “thin-bake” function of the microwave oven to preheat for 7 minutes, then put in the steak, bake for 15 minutes with “thin-bake”, take out the inversion, and then bake for 10 minutes and take out.


On the leaf of your favorite vegetables, put steak, green onion, garlic slices and seasoning sauce.

The steak is a bit cooked and delicious. A cooked steak (rare): The inside of the steak is blood red and the interior is kept at a certain temperature (very rare steak).

Three-point cooked steak (medium rare): The interior is peachy and quite hot.

Can steak be grilled in the microwave?

Can you grill steak in the microwave?

Medium Cooked Steak (medium): The inside of the steak is pink and mixed with light gray and brown. The whole steak is hot.

Medium well steak: The interior of the steak is mainly light gray and brown, mixed with pink.

I recommend seven minutes, but if you have eaten everything before, try eight minutes first.