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Six benefits of lotus seeds that lower blood pressure and brain and fight cancer

Six benefits of lotus seeds that lower blood pressure and brain and fight cancer

Lotus seeds are usually eaten in soups and porridges, so what good is lotus seed?

The six effects of lotus seeds are unknown to you, let you look at it differently.

  Unknown effect of lotus seeds1.

Anti-cancer and anti-cancer lotus seeds are good at filling the five internal organs. Tongli qi and blood can make qi and blood flow without rot. The oxidized huangxinshuning contained in lotus seeds can inhibit nasopharyngeal cancer. All these constitute the lotus seed’s cancer prevention.Anti-cancer nutritional health function.


Nourishing and nourishing deficiency, the raffinose contained in lotus seeds is suitable for all ages, and it is a commonly used nutritional supplement for those who have long-term illness, postpartum or elderly weakness; lotus seed alkali has the effect of suppressing sexual desire,For young people with more dreams, nocturnal emission or smoothing, taking lotus seeds has a good effect of stopping nocturnal emission.


Antihypertensive pressure The crystals of liensinine proposed by Lianzixin have a short-term antihypertensive effect. When they are changed to quaternary ammonium salts, a strong and long-lasting antihypertensive effect occurs.

Oxymethyl-liensinine methyl sulfate quaternary ammonium salt has strong and long-lasting effects on vagal ganglion block, but it does not cause persistent hypotension through the vagus nerve. Cross-circulation tests in cats and dogs of spinal cord indicate that the mechanism of blood pressure reduction is mainly a distance.effect.
The non-crystalline alkaloid Nn-9 of lotus seed heart has the function of degrading and reducing blood pressure.

Anesthetized cat intravenously?
2 mg / kg, can reduce the original blood pressure level by about 50%, maintaining 2?
3 hours; dog blood pressure recovered within half an hour; rabbits did not lower blood pressure.

Has rapid tolerance.

After further experiments, it was proved that the hypotensive mechanism of this alkaloid is mainly the release of histamine, which causes blood vessels to dilate, and it is also related to neurological factors.


Middle-aged and elderly people, especially mental workers, often eat it, which can strengthen the brain, enhance memory, improve work efficiency, and prevent the occurrence of dementia.


The alkaloid contained in the lotus seed core has a strong heart-strengthening effect, while the lotus core base has an anti-calcium and antiarrhythmic effect. The green core in the center of the lotus seed, called lotus seed core, contains liensinine and isoliensinine.A variety of alkaloids, the taste is extremely bitter, has the function of clearing heat and purging fire, and has a significant heart-strengthening effect.


Clear heart freckle with heart lotus seeds can clear heart fire, remove freckles, but can not be fried for a long time.

  Recommended lotus seed recipe 1.

Ingredients for Tremella lotus seed soup: 200g of white fungus, 30g of lotus seeds, moderate amount of rock sugar Method: Soak the lotus seeds with boiling water until it becomes soft, wash the white fungus and pick a small flower, add 10g of coix kernel, boil for 45 minutes, and add rock sugar to taste.


Ingredients of Xianglian rock candy: 120 grams of lotus seeds (xianglian), 30 grams of fresh pineapple, 15 grams each of cherry and longan meat, 180 grams of rock sugar. Method: Peel the lotus seeds and remove the heart.

Wash the longan meat and cherries with warm water.

Peel the pineapple and cut into small pieces.

Put the cherry, longan meat, pineapple, lotus seeds and rock sugar together in the pot and cook with water.

Can be taken with soup and food daily for at least one week.


Raw oyster meat stew with lotus seeds and barley kernels: 20 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of barley kernels, 100 grams of oyster meat Method: Put 20 grams of lotus seeds (coreless), 20 grams of coix kernels, 100 grams of oyster meat, put together in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water.
Add some ginger, oil, salt, and simmer for 50 minutes.

Eat directly after cooking.

  How to choose lotus seeds?

  In fact, the lotus seeds you buy today are all processed.

The distance processing method is manual peeling, and the second is machine polishing and peeling.

Because these two methods are used and they have reached the conversion rate, they are processed by a harmful “chemical method” in a black heart workshop: sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide blistering!

Sodium hydroxide and industrial hydrogen peroxide are industrial raw materials, which contain heavy metals that are harmful to the human body.

Initially, the processing efficiency was high and the cost was low. The processed lotus seeds were white on white and yellow on yellow, and the shape was complete, full, bright, good-selling, and replaced the market.
In order to make the lotus seeds look more attractive, some black-hearted workshops even add fluorescent whitening agents to the human body during the processing.
To identify whether the length of the processed lotus seeds, you can start from the following aspects: 1.

Dimensions: The lotus seeds polished by the machine are round, the separated tips are smoothed, and there is a little red skin on it; chemically peeled, there is a little swelling in the place of the knife mark during processing.

And according to the amount of hydrogen peroxide and whitening agent, the color can be controlled, and it can be processed as white as white paper.


Taste comparison: The lotus seeds that have been peeled by hand and the peeled lotus seeds that have been polished by the machine have a delicious fragrance, and the lotus seeds swell a lot.

The chemically peeled lotus seed particles seem to penetrate (the reason for soaking), but they do not swell when cooked, and they smell of an alkali.


Price comparison: Machine peeled lotus seeds are 25% more expensive than chemically peeled and red lotus seeds?

  Summary: Lianxin should not be served with crabs and turtles, otherwise certain adverse reactions may occur. People with colds, constipation and hemorrhoids should not take it. Those with constipation and abdominal distension should not use it.

People who have dry stools or have a full stomach should not eat.

Pear soup and red wine are more tonic

Pear soup and red wine are more tonic

Cooking pear soup is a coup for getting angry, but people with cold pears and negative constitutions should not eat more. At this time, you can add red wine when making pear soup.

  The efficacy of red wine on cardiovascular health is unquestionable.

The amount of animal feces in the French is similar to that in Europe and the United States, but the incidence of coronary heart disease is only accumulated in Europe and the United States. This is due to the French’s love for wine.

You don’t have to worry about drunk wine and pear soup, most of the alcohol has evaporated during cooking.

However, it is best not to stew for more than half an hour.

  This mix of red wine and fruit to eat cold is also a popular diet in France now.

Drink appetizers before meals, nutritious after meals, and serial ports are not high.

Six Magical Acupoints in Chinese Medicine

Six Magical Acupoints in Chinese Medicine

Some patients are very anxious when there is a sudden outbreak of the disease because they have no medication at hand or are too far away from the hospital. Sometimes they have to watch the situation worse.

Here are some methods of using acupoints for emergency treatment: point pressing Hegu acupoint for syncope Hegu acupoint is located on the back of the left and right hands, between the two metacarpals, and slightly close to the second metacarpal.

When the patient suffers from syncope due to heat stroke, stroke, collapse, etc., unconscious, pale, and sweaty, he can pinch the patient’s Hegu acupoint with his thumb.

After pressing for 2 minutes to 3 minutes, symptoms such as syncope may disappear.

  Pressing Zhiyang Point to relieve angina pectoris Zhiyang Point is located at the inferior concavity of the 7th thoracic spinous process, that is, in the supine position. When in the vertical arm, the lower edges of the left and right scapular angles pass through the midline of the spinal line.

Patients with angina pectoris often experience retinal compression and suffocation.

At this point, the patient can hold a 5-cent coin and insert it into the acupoint with the edge of the coin.

Press for 3 minutes to 6 minutes, angina pectoris can be relieved. If you press it to the acupoint regularly 3 times a day, you can prevent angina pectoris.

  Press the Laogong acupoint to treat a sudden increase in blood pressure with a fist, and the middle fingertip is the Laogong acupoint.

Hypertensive patients may increase their blood pressure sharply due to anger, anger, or excitement. At this time, they can squeeze the Laogong point and gradually tilt with the thumb from the Laogong point of the other hand.Left and right hands alternate.
When poke, keep calm and breathe evenly.

Sudden rise in blood pressure after induction can be relieved.

  Press the heel of the foot to stop the nose. When a nosebleed occurs, you can quickly pinch the heel (inserted between the joint and the calcaneus).

Left nose bleeding, pinch the right heel, right nose bleeding, pinch the left heel, you can stop bleeding immediately.

  Pressing Yanglingquan points to treat cholecystitis in patients with biliary colic, venous cramps in the right upper abdomen can occur when gallstones occur, and point pain can be used to relieve pain.

The method is: find the tender point under the fibula head on the lateral side of the right calf, namely Yanglingquan.

Use both thumbs to stop the Yangling Quan acupoints on both calves.

Massage for two minutes to get a good result.

  Point pressure Sanyinjiao for the treatment of renal colic. Sanyinjiao is located 3 inches above the protrusion on the foot.

Renal colic is acute acute pain in the kidney area caused by urinary stones.

When a sudden onset of pain occurs, the patient can press with his thumb and rub the points of Sanyinjiao.

Repeated application for 3 to 5 minutes can relieve renal colic.

  Tips: For accurate positioning of the above acupoints and methods of acupoints, please ask the netizens how to initialize and consult a specialist. Do not operate blindly by yourself, which will cause adverse consequences!

The golden autumn season is a good time to keep fit. Recommend 5 medicine pricing charts to keep fit!

The golden autumn season is a good time to keep fit. Recommend 5 medicine pricing charts to keep fit!

Medicinal diet is the combination of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and certain ingredients. Foods made with unique cooking techniques must select appropriate Chinese medicinal materials based on their physical fitness. Five medicinal diets are recommended.

  Choose a medicated diet for health in the golden autumn season?

  1. Duck duck with walnut kernels and slaughter one duck cleanly, 100 grams of walnut kernels and 15 grams of coriander, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms are washed first, put together in the pot, add the appropriate amount of onion ginger garlic MSG chicken salt, etc., and then pour into the soupAfter the high fire is boiled, the duck meat has been cooked with low fire. This method has the effect of nourishing the kidney, nourishing the lungs and moisturizing, suitable for low back pain caused by kidney deficiency, general weakness, chronic cough and asthma caused by lung deficiency, chronicConstipation can also help treat menopausal syndrome and urinary tract stones, but people who have cough and yin deficiency will not eat.

  2. Yam egg yolk porridge Take out the egg yolks of the two eggs and stir well. Wash 30 grams of yam and cut into pieces, then wash them with 150 grams of rice. At this time, put the rice in the pot and cook the porridge.Boil it, and finally pour in the egg yolk and mix well. This method has the effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing, and nourishing blood, and can help treat children with indigestion, vomiting blood caused by physical fatigue, upset and insomnia.

  3. For barley lean meat soup, wash 25 grams of peel, 50 grams of barley malt, peel 300 grams of winter melon, wash and cut into pieces, wash 200 grams of pig lean meat and cut into pieces. Put them in a pot and add in an appropriate amount of water.After boiling, simmer for 2 hours on low heat, this method has the effect of regulating qi and strengthening the spleen and clearing away heat and heat.

  4, American ginseng soup, soak 10 grams of American ginseng into slices, washed 50 grams of ginseng to remove the skin and chopped, then put 250 ml of water in the cup and add sugar, boil over high heat and simmer for 25 minutes,This method has the effect of removing dry heat and improving qi.

  5. Fry bitter melon shredded pork. Wash 50 grams of lean pork and cut into shreds. Add an appropriate amount of starch and mix well with rice wine. Peel bitter gourd. Cut into strips and stir-fry.After the pork is fried, add MSG and white sugar and stir fry for a few seconds. This method has the effects of appetizing and dampening, and nourishing qi and kidney.

  It is warmly reminded that the medicated diet in autumn is mainly for nourishing yin and nourishing lungs. For elderly people with weak spleen and stomach, breakfast should choose porridge to nourish the stomach.

It is necessary to choose appropriate Chinese medicine according to its own conditions, and not tonic tonic, so as to avoid the situation of nourishing and causing serious injury to the body.

Also keep a good living condition and avoid staying up late.

Two ways to millet porridge

Two ways to millet porridge

Taking the time to cook in higher work can not only relieve the pressure of fast-paced life, but also feel the joy of sharing delicious food with friends and family.

If you want to make delicious meals, you will need ingredients and seasonings that are hand-to-hand and mouth-to-mouth, and you need to know all kinds of dishes.

After that, Life Home launched the Life Home Food DIY series to meet your various needs and help you make a table of food feasts that will astound your attention!

  Ingredients for Tremella Sydney Millet Porridge: Tremella, Sydney, Millet, Rock Sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Tremella fungus soaks in hair and tears into small pieces after removing the pedicle; 2.

Add water and white fungus to the pot and cook for 15 minutes; 3.

Pour in the washed millet, pear pieces and rock sugar, and cook on low heat until thick.

  Lotus root, Sydney, millet, rice, rock sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Lotus root peeled and washed, cut into pieces, soaked in water to prevent oxidation and blackening; 2.

2. Wash and cut Sydney; 3.

Millet, rice (the amount of rice is only 1/2 of that of millet), wash it out, add all the ingredients to the pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook.

  It is best to use a casserole for porridge, but I now have a pressure cooker. After putting everything in, I don’t need to worry about it. Basically, it takes 30 minutes to get it.

Women who sleep short are more likely to gain weight

Women who sleep short are more likely to gain weight

Core tip: According to the CBS / CBS website, a recent study by US researchers found that adult women’s sleep time is closely related to their weight gain.

  Adult women who recover from sleep every night will gain weight faster than those whose sleep time shifts.

  Studies have shown that women who sleep five to six hours a night gain weight faster than those who sleep seven hours a night.

According to a 16-year follow-up study, adult women who sleep at or below 5 hours a night are on average heavier than those who sleep for 7 hours2.

About 3 pounds.

  Adult women who sleep for 6 hours each night weigh more than women who sleep for 7 hours1.

About 5 pounds.

Among women who gained 33 pounds, they only slept for 5 hours per night, followed by women who slept for 6 hours per night.

  The American Thoracic Society recently presented a research report at the San Diego International Conference in San Diego. Dr. Sanja Patel from Cleveland, Connecticut.

Patel said in the report that the shorter the sleep time of middle-aged women at night, the faster they will gain weight, and the possibility of obesity in the future will be just that.

  The data cited by Patel in the report comes from a health care follow-up study conducted above.

Since 1976, researchers have followed up on 68,183 women between the ages of 30 and 55.

Beginning in 1986, researchers asked respondents to report how much they sleep each night, and then report their weight every two years for the next 16 years.

  But in the end, researchers haven’t figured out what exactly caused this result.

They have been wondering, is it true that healthy sleep habits are related to weight gain, or are other factors caused by adequate sleep related to weight gain?

The report did not answer this question, but the researchers said that they will continue their research in the next step to discover why and how sleep time affects weight.

Drink tea carefully to hurt the kidney_1

Drink tea carefully to hurt the kidneys

Tea is a commonly used beverage in many households, and it is also said to be a healthy drink, but do not drink tea immediately after drinking.

  Li Shizhen in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” made a clear description of the dangers of drinking tea: drinking tea hurt kidney, weight loss of waist and legs, bladder cold pain, and sputum drinking edema.

  Many people, due to lack of medical knowledge, often drink tea after drinking, and want to use it to relieve dryness, reduce consumption, and regulate the watercourse.

But because of the sweet taste of alcohol, the liver and lungs of the second meridian, the yang qi rises after drinking, and the lung qi strengthens;

Drinking tea, especially strong tea, is bad for the kidneys.

  After the alcohol enters the liver, it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the action of enzymes and excreted by the kidneys.

Theophylline has a diuretic effect. Strong tea contains a large amount of theophylline, and it has not even decomposed acetaldehyde (alcohol is first converted into acetaldehyde in the liver, and then into acetic acid, and acetic acid is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water) prematurelyInto the kidneys.

  And acetaldehyde has a great damaging effect on the kidney, which is likely to cause cold stagnation, causing frequent turbid urination, impotence, testicular pain and dry stool.

Therefore, it is best not to drink tea immediately after drinking, especially not to drink strong tea.

It is best to eat melon, fruit or fruit juice, which can moisturize food and sober up.

8 tips for fitness people

8 tips for fitness people

1. Be sure to wear fitness clothes, not a casual T-shirt, especially do n’t wear underwear (of course, the upper body), because general underwear is very close, sweating a lot after exercise, and even cotton contentHigh underwear also affects perspiration, which can cause skin irritation over time, which can cause serious infections.

  2. Be bold, choose a more exposed fitness clothes, don’t care about others’ eyes, believe that you are the most beautiful, clothes can change people’s emotions.

Looking at myself in the mirror, you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your body at a glance, and you can make up your mind to build your perfect body.

  3. Don’t resist strength exercises.

Just doing aerobic is helpful for reducing fat, but to shape, you need to practice with strength.

Don’t be fooled, say that you don’t want to build muscle mass, you want to be beautiful, because it is really difficult.

It is not easy for men to practice, let alone a woman with estrogen, rest assured to practice boldly.

From a big pig to a small pig, apart from the number change, is there any difference, it is still a pig!

  4, buy a pair of fitness gloves, some equipment will grind their hands out of the cocoon, after all, a girl, a calluse in the hand, is not good-looking.

  5. If you practice yoga, go to a professional yoga studio.

Gym halls are generally not breathable. The most important thing in yoga is breathing. In a closed environment, all the sucked in are smelly feet, sweat, and health.

  6. Use an exercise ball.

The fitness ball is very helpful for shaping, and can reduce the impact and harm to the body.

However, pay attention to maintaining balance for the first time, don’t fall, or you can’t make it.

  7, running, aerobics, cycling alternate practice by period.

The body is adaptable to a certain type of exercise, and it will feel tired after a long time.

After the body adapts to a sport, the effect of weight loss is not obvious, so change it and start to feel very uncomfortable. This is a good start. You will find that you start to lose weight again.

Moreover, this can also improve the fun of sports.

  8, do not take a long bath after fitness.

This is what I dislike the most. Many women use the gym as a bathtub. They have sweated a lot after exercise, and they wash so continuously that they are not afraid to faint.

As long as the stinky sweat is washed away, long-term washing is not good for the skin.

The habit of making a baby a dwarf

The habit of making a baby a “dwarf”

All parents want their children to have the ideal height.
It is worrying that modern bad lifestyles are leading to an increase in short children.
Let ‘s take a look at what lifestyle habits can cause a baby to become a “dwarf”?
  In real life, there are such a group of children. Because the dwarves are first-class, they are often teased by their friends. They attract strange eyes on the road and let them live in the shadow of inferiority.
  The common bad lifestyles of “dwarfs” It is worrying that modern bad lifestyles are increasing the number of dwarf children.
  At the “Children’s Growth Disorders Treatment Summit Forum” recently held, the reporter interviewed Professor Wang Wei, Director of Endocrinology, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Professor Liang Li, Director and Director of Endocrinology, Zhejiang Children’s Hospital, and Luo Feihong, Director of Endocrinology, Children’s Hospital of Fudan Universityprofessor.
According to the three authoritative experts studying dwarf, in addition to genetic factors and disease factors, poor lifestyles such as insufficient sleep and severe nutritional imbalances have become important reasons for the increase in dwarf children.
Experts admit that, relative to inheritance, these reasons should attract more attention from parents, and don’t ruin their children’s future happiness because of their neglect.
  Insufficient sleep: This is an important cause of poor growth and short stature.
The lack of good rest will severely inhibit the growth hormone secretion in children.
Liang Li introduced that at 10 pm, the child’s growth hormone secretion is the strongest, and today’s parents often extend the night’s study time and shorten the child’s sleep time to improve their children’s academic performance.
In addition, lack of exercise is another important reason for the increase in dwarfism. Due to increased learning pressure and computer networks, children’s exercise time is becoming less and less.
  Nutritional imbalance: Children’s growth and development require various nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates.
More than 80% of children have severe imbalances in nutritional intake.
The most consumed food in a day is fried foods, hamburgers, and other foods that are rich in sugar or high in calories, and there are very few opportunities to eat whole grains.
The imbalance of diet structure will inevitably lead to insufficient intake of calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients that promote children’s growth and development.
Over time, the child will appear short, stunted and stunted.
  The chaos supplement survey also found that 97% of parents of short children realized that their children were short, but only 1.
6% of parents realize that this may be caused by certain diseases.
Most beloved parents take the approach of having their children take health supplements supplemented with various trace elements.
Some parents even let their children drink protein powder as a drink, or eat various health products as snacks.
Wang Wei pointed out that this will not only help the child’s height, but will also harm the child’s immature kidney.
Excessive use of calcium can affect bone development; excessive zinc supplementation can cause precocious puberty in children; excessive iron supplementation can cause diarrhea; chronic use of cod liver oil can cause chronic poisoning; royal jelly may cause endocrine disorders and precocious puberty, and even obesity.
  Sixty percent of dwarf children have psychological hazards. Dwarf children are often ridiculed and teased, which makes them introverted, autistic, and even depressed.
The forum also released the latest results of “the impact of abnormal growth and development on children’s mental health”. The survey results show that short children not only have physical problems (not tall), but also generally feel that they have an impact on their psychology.Sixty percent of the dwarf children have experienced various levels of psychological hazards, such as introverted personality, emotional instability, poor communication, and social withdrawal.
  If you want to achieve a very satisfactory effect in the treatment of dwarf, it must last for several years, and you need to inject growth hormone every day. Clinical trials have confirmed that children with dwarf using hormones have an average height increase of 6. in the first year.
1 cm, average growth rate exceeds 7.
7 cm, and it is safe and does not harm the human body.
However, injecting growth hormone every day for many children is really terrifying and painful.
  ”In my patients, many children missed or even refused injections due to needle phobia. As a result, the parents spent a lot of energy and money, and their children still did not grow taller.
Professor Wang Wei said, “Children’s compliance is too important in the treatment. Needleless syringes that are now popular can achieve painless treatment, avoid needle phobia, and children can easily accept it, which will improve the efficacy.Has a very important role.

Why American blood pressure is lower when taking American ginseng

Why American blood pressure is lower when taking American ginseng

Ms. Lin has a habit of using foreign products in her life.

Ms. Lin, who is usually dizzy, found that her blood pressure was low during a recent physical examination, with a diastolic blood pressure of 65mmHg and a systolic blood pressure of 95mmHg.

Before the Spring Festival, she purchased American ginseng for making tea, which felt convenient and nourishing her body.

However, after the incident, Ms. Lin found that blood pressure actually increased, and both diastolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure dropped by 15mmHg.

So, the attentive doctor asked Miss Lin about her daily habits and pointed out that the problem might be with taking American ginseng.

The doctor advised Miss Lin to stop taking American ginseng and switch to red ginseng.

Half a month later, Miss Lin went to the doctor again and found that her blood pressure was normal.

  Why can’t you take American ginseng instead of red ginseng?

American ginseng is native to the United States and Canada, but American ginseng does not completely replace domestic ginseng, but has its own strengths.

American ginseng’s tonic effect is remarkable, so it is famous in the world.

However, it should be distinguished from ginseng in application.

Ginseng replenishes qi, favoring yang; American ginseng replenishing qi, yang.

The power of ginseng to replenish Qi is better than that of American ginseng, and the power of American ginseng to clear heat and vitality is better than ginseng.

  American ginseng has a cool and sweet flavor, and the coolness can clear the heat, and the combination of the coolness and the coolness can not only clear the heat and nourish the yin, but also stimulate the thirst.Especially patients with irritability, stuffiness and thirst caused by heart disease.

  Ginseng is warm and sweet, which can replenish vitality, solidify Shengjin, and calm the nerves.

Ginseng is suitable for people who suffer from weak fatigue due to weak spleen, abdominal distension and shortness of breath; shortness of breath caused by weak lung; weak heart palpitations caused by weak Qi; and insomnia and forgetfulness.

According to different processing methods, ginseng can be divided into raw sun ginseng, red ginseng, sugar ginseng, and ginseng.

Although various ginsengs have the effect of replenishing qi, the effects are different.

Raw sun ginseng is more gentle, not warm and not dry, and can not only qi, but also Sheng Jin.

Red ginseng supplements Qi with a strong, warm and dry nature, which is better than stimulating yang.

  Ms. Lin’s blood pressure is too low to take American ginseng.

The medicinal hot red ginseng is a tonic for those with low blood pressure, especially those with spleen and cold stomach, disharmony of qi and blood, and dizziness.